Lake Mutanda ( smallest fresh water lake )

Located in southwestern of Uganda, Kisoro district, a distance of 20km from Kisoro town and 454 km from Kampala, a drive of about 10-11 hours. Lake Mutanda is a smallest fresh water lake in Uganda, drained by river rutshuru, which flows north of Lake Edward. In addition, the lake offer beautiful sceneries of Virunga mountains which is 5900ft and its suited at the foot hill however lake mutanda is partly located within the ranges of the three volcanoes in Kisoro known as Mountain Muhabura, Mountain Sabinyo, Mountain Mgahinga, a home to the endangered mountain gorillas that are approximately about 400 in number.


Most common animal species that are spotted along the lakeshores of Lake Mutanda includes; Hippo, Chameleons, Aquatic Snakes, African clawless otter, Monitor Lizard, Frogs to mention but a few.


Surrounded by forests and wetland, most importantly a home to some of aquatic bird species like kingfisher birds, kites, ibis, crested crane, weaverbirds and nests can be spotted along.