Gorilla tracking Rules & Regulations

Gorilla tracking rules and regulation are guideline that any traveler wishing to do Gorilla safaris he/she must follow during a tracking expeditions, they are set by Uganda Wildlife Authority, the only Tourism board responsible for protecting the Wildlife and conservation in Uganda.

Gorilla tracking rules

Some of Gorilla tracking Rules and Regulation setup by Uganda Wildlife Authority

  1. Only a maximum number of 8 visitors are allowed in a group of habituated mountain gorillas each day, which minimizes disturbance to Mountain gorillas and risk exposure to human-borne diseases.
  2. Endeavor to wash clean your hands before you set off for Mountain gorilla tracking adventure.
  3. Keeping your voices so low, will offer you an opportunity to observe the great bird life and other wildlife in the Jungle.
  4. Whatever you bring with you into the forest should always be carried back. Never leave behind Rubbish in the Park
  5. While you are almost approaching the mountain gorillas, your guides will inform early to get ready.
  6. Always keep a distance of 7 meter (21 feet) distance all times from the Mountain gorillas, as this make gorillas more relaxed.
  7. Always stay in tight group whey you are near the Mountain gorillas.
  8. Travelers who wish to take photos, Flash photography is not permitted at all! and please move slowly and carefully while taking photos.
  9. One hour is the maximum time you can spend with the Mountain gorillas, But if the gorillas recharge or become nervous, Your Uganda wildlife authority guide is forced to finish early.