Uganda National Parks

Uganda’s ten National Parks, they contain epics and fabulous variety of habitats, which range from snow-capped mountain ( Rwenzori Mountain ) and papyrus swamp ( Mountain Elgon ), to dark tropical forests ( Bwindi impenetrable and Kibale forest ) and open savannah plains ( Lake Mburo , Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Kidepo Valley ). Most importantly, these diverse settings are home to an impressive range of wildlife and not forgetting, over 1000 species of bird, many are central African species.

Last but not lists, the Mammals which include African Elephants, Hippopotamus, Cape Buffaloes, different forest primates; among them are Chimpanzee in ( Kibale, Budongo, Kyambura gorge and Semuliki) , Golden monkeys in Mgahinga, L’hoest’s monkey and the shy mountain gorillas in ( Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga ), while the big game animals viewing are to be found in the savanna National parks