Biiso Africa Safari History

Biiso Africa Safaris Limited, a fully registered local tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda. Our safaris are extremely of high Quality, informative and bespoke to client’s needs and budget which includes; Gorilla tracking Safaris, Chimpanzee trekking tours, Bird watching, Day tours, Mountain Hiking, Rafting adventure Experience, African cultural Heritage Experience, of which all the tours can be tailor made according to travelers budget, Be it individual, Group, Couples or family, as we ensure not only sightseeing trips but also informative briefing from origin to date.

Why Choose Biiso Africa Safaris

  1. Experienced, Convenience, Satisfaction and Guaranteed
    For over a while, Biiso Africa Safaris Limited has been dealing in Primate tracking and wildlife Adventure safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, pioneering new travel approaches that guarantee satisfaction experience.
  2. Bespoke Itineraries according to your desire
    We always customize our safari packages involving you directly, adjust and advise were necessary. An our driver / guides always ensure best safari experience while with them entire period.
  3. Professional driver / guides
    We are fully licensed and registered local tour operator, experience with different tour destinations and activities both in Uganda and Rwanda. We therefore design our Itineraries according to regions of interest and budget.

Mission Statement

To bespoke holidays for clients so that they can have the best travel experience from the starting to the end of their holiday staying with best accommodation experience

Vision Statement

To inter-network with global tourism companies around the global, we being the ground handler in Uganda and Rwanda